P. Austin Heaton

Historical Novelist

Welcome to readers of historical fiction set in the United States during the 1860s and early 1900s.

P. Austin Heaton is a novelist and amateur genealogist living in Southern California who writes fiction with an eye to history. If you like adventure/dramas and/or murder mysteries, the following books should be on your reading list.
DESERTER, REBEL, RENEGADE is an episodic adventure/drama/romance available on Amazon.www.amazon.com/dp/1070510645
U.S. Confederate deserter, Temple Hamilton’s private journals have been unearthed and are filled with adventure and forbidden love. The journals document why he deserted and his amazing journey across North America in the early 1860s from the battlefield of Manassas, Virginia to San Francisco, California. Enjoy a story of grit and romance set in a time that no longer exists.

MURDER AT THE EXPO: MISS SADIE BROWN & THE DEATH OF DR. WOLF is a sometimes humorous murder mystery set in 1915 San Diego, California. Available on Amazon.www.amazon.com/dp/169609738X
When the body of well-known surgeon Dr. Asa Wolf is found at San Diego's 1915 Panama-California Exposition, the bizarre death scene points to murder. Follow Miss Sadie Brown, aviatrix, newspaper columnist, and undercover snoop as she sets out to unlock a string of clues to find a killer. A delightful and deadly romp through historic 1915 San Diego, Fallbrook, Redondo Beach, Santa Barbara, Coronado City, NorthIsland, LA’s Chinatown, and Tijuana.

MURDER AT A SEANCE: MISS SADIE BROWN & THE DEATH OF MADAM VALESKY is another sometimes humorous murder mystery set in 1917 San Diego, California and Vallejo, California (the home of Mare Island Naval Shipyard).www.amazon.com/dp/B08M8CRQMK
The second in the Sadie Brown series is set in the summer of 1917 Coronado, CA and Vallejo, CA. Coronado is a beautiful little seaside resort and is shaken to learn a local fortune teller is murdered during a seance. Too bad Madam Valesky was a fake and couldn't see a murder in her future. Now Sadie Brown and Deputy Evan Greenway are hot on the trail of a new serial killer.

COMING FALL of 2021 - "Murder at the Stage Door: Miss Sadie Brown and the Death of the Impresario" Colonel J. B. Jackson died in a fire in 1900 at the old Gaiety Theater in San Diego. Was it an accident or a murder? Twenty years later a friend of Miss Sadie Brown is being accused. Sadie is determined to find the truth.

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